Our four main values reflect who we are and what we passionately strive for every day (two words not one). They guide our projects and methods.


    Innovation is one of the basic pillars of Yes It Is. Consisting of skills, knowledge and human encounters, innovation is the will to exceed expectations. As our leitmotiv and guide to new opportunities, innovation is what the team strives for each day. Our demand for quality and our expertise guarantee ethical innovations in reliability efficiency, quality, traceability, and safety.


    Our entrepreneurial spirit promotes collaboration. Pooling our different expertise promotes efficiency and agility and harboring our shared passion forges a cohesive team.


    We stand by our customers. With an eye looking to the future, we propose unique offers adapted to our clients, operating under consistent values of reliability and trust. Our solution is a complete value chain, adaptable to many industries.


    As a principle actor embracing the world’s digital transformation, we are committed to offer our customers new and innovative products. We are committed to put our customers at the heart of our inspirations.

Our mission at is to offer an extraordinary experience to our customers, partners, and collaborators.


Yes It Is has a long term and worldwide vision.

  • Performance Innovation

Our priority is to embrace innovation and continuously improve our offers and adaptability,

  • Employees

Passionate, creative, involved in a growing and innovative working atmosphere,

  • Internationalization

Sales and activities,

  • Proximity with markets,

Close to users, close to customers, close to the IoT’s world.